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Scarlet Road Graduation - Kitsap County, WA USA

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Last month we celebrated the graduation of an incredible woman whose life once intersected with sexual exploitation at the hands of a violent and manipulative abusers. With the help of Scarlet Road, Ally* risked much to travel from another state to our program in order for her and her son to be safe from her abusers. She worked with her case manager to secure permanent housing, working two jobs to make enough money to support herself while also committing time to work through her addiction and mental health needs. She was baptized in a hot tub on a cold November day when with her whole heart she chose to follow Jesus.

Today Ally is over 2 years sober! She is a mother, a daughter, a hard worker, a friend and a woman of faith who refuses to turn away from that which is scary. She speaks now with strength. She is a blessing to many because she now knows that ‘She is Enough’.

This is the story of a survivor who spent the last 2 years in her healing journey at Scarlet Road. At her graduation she was surrounded by her support system, who cheered her on into this new part of her life.

At Scarlet Road we believe that every individual deserves to be free from sexual exploitation and on a path of healing and recovery. Survivors of exploitation face insurmountable obstacles leaving a life of trafficking and exploitation. Housing, employment, mental health, addiction and many other factors impact a survivor’s ability to walk through recovery. Scarlet Road works to provide safe exit solutions and comprehensive support systems to overcome those barriers and find lasting healing from the trauma they have endured.

Prevention Education

We offer specialized prevention classes in schools across Kitsap County as well as a variety of training programs for the local community.

Crisis Support

Safe exit solutions and crisis intervention are the first step to creating freedom for women leaving sexual exploitation. We offer crisis support and critical supplies in order to meet basic needs.

A Safe Place

Scarlet Road operates the only community based Drop In Center for sexual exploitation survivors in Kitsap County providing a safe place for women and girls to rest, be supported, and work toward their future goals.

A Caring Community

We believe healthy community creates stability and healing. Our comprehensive and holistic aftercare program provides weekly support, resources and tools to equip and empower survivors to see hope for their future and confidently embrace the resilience inherent within them. Survivors are given opportunities to participate in case management, group support offerings, mentoring, and trauma informed programming.

Because of generous funding from partners like Serving USA, last year Scarlet Road served 120 individuals seeking crisis support and safety.

*Names have been changed for safety of victims.


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