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Our Mission

To create a 24/7 prayer movement over human trafficking

until it ends.

Our Story

I wish I had some grand story of the beginning of UP. The truth is the Unstoppable Prayer Movement was born out of two questions the Lord asked me on a day full of self-pity and a

bad attitude. As I complained to God, he

stopped me with two questions and a thought.


“What breaks your heart that breaks My heart?”

and “How many 30-minute segments are in a


The answer to the first question was easy:

human trafficking. The answer to the second

required a calculator: 17,520.

The thought was this. Although thousands of people fight trafficking on the ground-level, not everyone can. However, every believer CAN pray for 30 minutes once a year and many believers CAN afford to donate $30 one time a year to an anti-trafficking organization. Everyone can be involved in a significant way.


30 minutes, 30 dollars, once a year.

Simple. Easy. Profound. 




I truly believe God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine and I want to discover what we can accomplish when we come together in unity and focus on a specific issue. Passionate, united prayer is powerful beyond measure. We will see the Kingdom released on Earth as we band together in alignment with the heart of Jesus. He came to set the captives free and his glory will be revealed as he does this! May our united prayer be the tipping point so we see captives and slaves literally set free.

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